JoshuaLegg/DanceProjects produces artistic and scholarly programs that span a variety of contemporary and historical dance genres, dancetheatre, and theatre. The work includes performance pieces (for traditional and site-specific performance spaces), lectures, workshops and master classes, as well as scholarly and journalistic writing projects.

Artistic Director Joshua Legg finds inspiration and motivation in the archetype of the artist-scholar. Our work at JL/DP exists in the praxis of theory and practice—that place where scholarly and performance-based research methods fuel one another. To that end, we embrace eclecticism and versatility in all that we do here. No genre or subject matter is off limits in our artmaking. And, we strive for a process and product that feed the body-mind-spirit.

Mission & Vision

2014_2015 flyerAt JoshuaLegg/DanceProjects, we see mission and vision as a conduit between what is, and what is possible. Therefore, we present a unified Mission & Vision Statement, rather than as divided thoughts. We are driven to create an organization—an enterprise—celebrating the archetype of the artist-scholar. Our work is interdisciplinary, and crosses artistic and academic genres.

In addition to creating dance and theatre projects for both traditional and unexpected (site-specific) performance spaces, we engage in a range of scholarly research projects, and produce a variety of educational programming.

Sometimes our work is motivated by my own interests at the moment, while other times, the work is collaborative (in both ideation and process) and emerges from our explorations of partnership/community.

Explore. Examine. Expand. That’s our goal.

To learn more, please read my Teaching and Research Statements.

Thank you,
– Joshua Legg
Describe today, craft tomorrow:
live in the world of the possible.

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