Artist Statement


Artmaking, for me, is a kind of fieldwork. It is a deliberate practice of investigating, recording, preserving—and sometimes challenging—the world around me. As a matter of faith, culture, and politics I have a social responsibility to document and articulate the struggle of the people I know, and to confront marginalization. I am (often) compelled to engage in storytelling.

To that end, I am not interested in categorizing my work in general. My practice is transdisciplinary, and moves fluidly across classical/classic and contemporary boundaries and ways of producing art. I regularly work with dance and theatre, poetry, painting, and film projects. I move fluidly in traditional concert and theatrical stage settings and nontraditional, site-specific and environmental performance spaces as well.

The materials of my practice—the human body, space, time, motion, words, video, paint, and sound—facilitate a variety of lenses through which I can examine and discuss the human condition and experience. Those materials allow me to explore the rhythm of relationships, public and private spaces, as well as public and private memories. With them, I am able to develop verbal, written, visual, and movement-based languages and vocabularies that serve in my quest to describe the shifting American landscape, and my country’s place in the broader human community.

– Joshua Legg
February 2020