joshualeggI am a New Millennial artist. The global Movement toward the liberation and equality of all peoples drives my work as a director/choreographer, writer, poet, photographer, and designer. Faith, identity, and community influence every artistic decision I make—guiding my vision of community and artistic responsibility to that community. While my body of art is eclectic and often embraces abstractionism, I am also a storyteller. I work fluidly in traditional concert stage settings and nontraditional site-specific performance spaces as well.

Sometimes I embrace abstractionism as in my work, A Choreographic Offering: Jubilant Sunset. Other times, I embrace content using nonlinear narrative in dances like Mapping People Gone…Building Better Tables which examined diverse refugee experiences in the US, including how we made Viet Nam vets feel like refugees in their own country. And, in dances like Psalm for the Baptist, I make art that explores issues of contemporary faith. Largely, I am interested in the shifting American landscape, and in our nation’s place in the broader human community.
Please explore the following:

Dance Repertory List 

The Loudoun Project: Water Study

Been Thinkin’ These Days: Poems for Miss D.

A Choreographic Offering: Jubilant Sunset

Communitas Urbania

– Joshua Legg
July 2015