Training & Technique

Katherine Dunham Technique
Dance Spirit︱May/June 2008.
[download here: Dunham]

Trisha Brown’s Movement Style
Dance Spirit︱January 2008.
[download here: Brown]

Economy of Movement: tips for effortless dancing
Dance Spirit︱March 2007
[download here: Economy of Movement]

Horton Technique
Dance Spirit︱January 2007

Cunningham Technique
Dance Spirit︱December 2006

Graham Technique
Dance Spirit︱November 2006

Limón Technique
Dance Spirit︱October 2006.

Higher Education Assessment & Recruitment
Adding It Up: can the quality of a college or university’s
dance program be 
expressed in mathematical terms?

Dance Teacher︱January 2008.
[download here: Assessment]

New Dance Recruits: how to optimize your marketing
strategies to attract 
prospective students

Dance Teacher︱April 2007

Higher Ed Highlights
Dance Teacher︱September 2006.

Creative Practice & Performance Concerns
Words of Wisdom: incorporating text can take your
choreography to the next level
Dance Spirit︱July/August 2007.

Improve Your Improv: how to move in the moment
Dance Spirit︱March 2007
[download here: Improv]

Rehearsal Management 101
Dance Teacher︱March 2006.
[download here: Rehearsal Management]

Challenging Costumes
Dance Teacher︱November 2006.

Costuming on a Budget
Dance Teacher︱November 2005.

Management Concerns
Off the Beaten Path
Dance Teacher︱June 2006.
[download here: Non-urban Dance]

Permission Granted
Dance Teacher︱August 2005.

Literary Review
Dancer by Colum McCann
Boston Spirit magazine︱Summer 2007